The Factors Affect CNC Wood Carving Machine

The emergence of CNC wood carving machine has brought unprecedented convenience to wood door carving industry. Mechanized operation replaces conservative manual work. Not only to ensure the quality of the processing of wooden doors, but also greatly enhance the processing efficiency of the wooden doors.

Wood drying level, the machine's machining accuracy, the quality of woodworking tools are the main factors affecting the processing of wooden doors. The dryness of the wood determines the rate of timber output. Especially for the precious wood species, the impact of wood processing a lot of factors. The more important wood dryness is to determine whether the solid wood doors will be the decisive factor in warpage. Woodworking engraving machine processing accuracy still affects the effect of wooden doors, wood engraving machine repeat positioning accuracy of 0.02 mm, fully able to meet the requirements of wood processing. On the other hand, wood carving tool cutting performance on the appearance of solid wood doors have a great impact.