Heavy Duty CNC Metal Mould Carving Machine 600*600*200mm

Heavy Duty CNC Metal Mould Carving Machine 600*600*200mm

Model No.︰UG-6060

Brand Name︰UPGOAL

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1000 / set

Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

Heavy Duty CNC Metal Mould Carving Machine 600*600*200mm


Mould of Copper, Iron, aluminum, stainless steel. Shoe mould, mobile mould, Red Copper electrode, Building model, name tag, copper stamp.


1.Heavy duty cast Iron as a whole with vibration Temper aging treatment ensures no deformation for long time.

2.Cast iron Working table with platform moving type. Durable without deformation enable positioning more preciously .

3.Equipped with  Hiwin Taiwan linear square guide rail for XYZ-axis, effectively improved the precision.

4.Three axis with precision lead ball screw transmission ensure the engraving speed and accuracy.

5.High variable speed 3.2KW water cooling spindle, big torque, longer life, strong cutting ability and continuous work for long time.

6.Leadshine hybrid servo motor and driver for XYZA-axis, compared with the stepper motor, ensuring high speed and precision working

7.Rationalized placement of the electronic parts. Optimized heat dissipation effect. Adopt high quality electronic parts, minimizing fault rate.

8.Stainless steel water slot cooling system, ensuring the cooling for the metal & hard materials, improving the processing precision.

9.Half closed cover design, and unique dust&water Proof design effectively protect the transmission parts from rust, dust &dirt.

10. PCI NcStudio control system, connect with the desktop computer, showing the processing path and estimate the processing time, more convenient.

11.Wireless hand wheel and wireless auto tool calibration, more convenient for operation.

12.Auto lubrication system, more  convenient for machine lubricating.

13.With the function of break-point memory ,power failure resuming and automatic home/orgin correction function.Effectively ensure long time working precision.

14.Working Pause, Speed adjust, Working depth adjust at any time while working. Preview the 2D&3D working result With simulation function. Variable Speed is suitable for various materials and industry.

15.Favorable compatibility with various CAM softwares such as Type3/Artcam/Mastercam/Caxa. With intelligent over limit protection function which can stop the mechanical collision due to unproper size given to the design.

Technical parameters

Effective working area



Heavy duty cast iron machine bed & working table & gantry & Z-axis

Protection cover

Half cover

Working table

Cast iron with T slot

Moving type

Platform moving

Guide rail

Linear square guide rail ( Hiwin, Taiwan)


Lead ball screw for XYZ-axis

Driving mode

China Leadshine hybrid servo motor and driver for XYZA-axis

Spindle motor

3.2kw water cooling

Spindle speed





AC 380V+ 10%, 50/60Hz, three phases or

AC 220V+ 10%, 50/60Hz, sinle phase 

Traveling speed


Engraving speed


Machine accuracy


Control system

PCI NcStudio with wireless handwheel

Suitable software

Artcam, Type3, Ucancam V9,etc

Carving Instructions

G code *Uoo *mmg *plt HPGL

Running environment temperature

0-45 ℃

Relative humidity


Cooling system

Water cooling system

Tool calibration

Auto, wireless

Lubrication system Auto



Reference Working Videos


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